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19 August 2013

A considerable amount of time is spent during the recruitment process reviewing prospective employees through, written applications, interviewing, testing, background checking and selection processes. This time invested in selection of a new employee should be complimented by a quality Induction and Orientation Programme.


It is critical to make a positive impression on any new employees.  A well presented induction and orientation programme will communicate that an organisation has definite quality standards.  An organisations expectations of excellence in performance can be communicated by word and deed to increase the probability of getting high performance.


A well planned and executed induction experience will support the employee to assimilate quickly and successfully into the new culture and will facilitate early productivity gains.


As well as the standard requirements of an Induction Programme, ongoing Orientation includes the following imperatives:


Cultural Understanding which requires honest and open communication about the current cultural influences impacting the organisation – this can be achieved by:

§             Discussing the Culture of the organisation during the recruitment process

§             Providing a documented Company History and insight into Corporate Vision and Values

§             Mapping the Company Culture through a Staff Survey and sharing the results


Key Connections - meeting all the right people and building relationships must start early for the new employee – this can be achieved by:

§             Identifying a full list of key stakeholders prior to the commencement date

§             Prioritising introductions to key people and setting a schedule of meetings from day one

§             Assisting with identification and introduction to informal organisational networks


Expectations – early discussions and planning are essential to ensure the expectations of the employee and the organisation are aligned, – this can be achieved by:

§             Ensuring the employee’s expectations have been discussed, negotiated and agreed prior to commencement

§             Outlining current organisational pressures and challenges and the risk mitigation strategies in place

§             Identifying and planning performance expectations, including specific objectives and milestones for the first month, then at three, six and 12 months.


Performance Development and Evaluation - an introduction to the organisations performance review processes provides the new employee with an understanding of how all employees in the organisation are assessed and rewarded. It is essential that the new employee is a part of this process of giving and receiving feedback on performance. This can best be achieved by:

§             An introduction to the Performance Management Systems by the Human Resources Manager

§             Development of an Annual Performance Plan for the new employee

§             Early and ongoing one-on-one feedback to the new employee formally for the first month, then at three, six and 12 months and informally as required

§             Where applicable, access to the any direct reports’ performance management records


Reporting, Systems and Technology - organisations have specific reporting requirements, inhouse computer programs and provide various types of technology to their employees. A smooth transition can be achieved by:

§             Ensuring all equipment is ready for immediate use on the day of commencement

§             Providing copies of relevant procedures, reports, minutes, etc and ensuring these are accessible on the network

§             Scheduling IT/Systems training, where applicable for any inhouse programs


The key to a quality Induction and Orientation Programme is to provide support to the new employee in the early stages of their time with your organisation, from day one to day 90, ensuring the best possible transition to their new role. 


Heather McIntyre

Human Resources Manager

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An Approach to Induction and Orientation
A well planned and executed induction experience will support the employee to assimilate quickly and successfully into the new culture and will facilitate early productivity gains.
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