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If you are a small association or work in the not for profit sector – do we have the perfect product for you!!

It’s called the Shave HR Management System!

It is perfect for firms that can not justify the cost of a full time Human Resources Manager.

It is customised to your business to address the needs of your business and to ensure practices are introduced to maintain legislative compliance, and is the go to help desk providing, methodologies and tools to assist you with the management of your people resources.  

This Manual contains up to 33 policies and procedures (comprising 23 legislative and 10 best practice ); an Employee Handbook, to be given to all staff and up to 30 Forms and Templates to support practical application of the policies.

This manual summarises major human resources policies and procedures in Australia. It
serves as a reference guide to all employees on human resources practices at your Company and provides managers with the rationale for introduction and implementation.


Organisations with HR policies, procedures and systems in place are more readily able to plan, develop, implement and manage workplace performance and business changes.  The HR systems provide a safety net for staff and provide managers with the confidence to manage their employees, while the legislative and contractual responsibilities remain protected.


Shave Human Resources also provide a yearly Update for an annual fee to ensure the HR System remains relevant to legislation and the changing needs of your business.


Call us now so we can come and show how this Manual can ensure your firms compliance is solid!

24-Feb-16 Congratulations to Shave HR, we have now been appointed as Victorian State Government Recruitment Supplier
Shave Human Resources are very pleased to announce that we have been appointed as a Tier 2 Supplier to the Victorian State Government Staffing Services Panel.
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22-Jul-15 Shave HR Management System
If you are a small association or work in the not for profit sector – we have the perfect product for you!!
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08-Dec-14 CHRISTMAS 2014
As we approach the Christmas 2014 festive season, often we look back to the year that was, however, I’m thinking that many reading this message will share with me that the year has flown passed at warp speed and we are left wondering what happened.
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12-Jun-14 Why it isn’t in your best interests to use multiple recruiters
Whilst there are still many organisations who are predisposed to listing a particular job vacancy with multiple recruitment firms at the one time, this is far from being the most appropriate method of ensuring that you get the very best person for your role.
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19-Aug-13 An Approach to Induction and Orientation
A well planned and executed induction experience will support the employee to assimilate quickly and successfully into the new culture and will facilitate early productivity gains.
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23-Mar-12 Recruitment Challenges
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07-Jul-11 Fair Work Australia Minimum Wage Review – 1st July 2011
New changes to the minimum wage
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13-Jan-11 Welcome to 2011
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