Fee Structure
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Our experience and ability to exceed expectations, along with providing value for money enables us to always deliver quality, cost effective solutions. 

Shave HR and Shave Recruitment have a flexible fee option which has proven valuable in gaining loyalty and building lasting relationships with clients. By offering flexibility, our clients have a greater choice of options to suit their requirements with an element of cost control.

Our fee structure is based upon fairness in business and service delivery.

Fee options available to you include:

A contingency fee charge at an agreed percentage
An agreed fixed price, regardless of salary
Fee-for-service – an hourly charge to cover time expended in providing our service

All fees and associated costs are discussed and agreed before we start work on your assignment. Clients are charged for advertising and other expenses such as couriers, interstate travel and associated costs.

Also ask us about how a retained Inhouse recruitment option can save your business significant costs.
If you require flexibility in terms of invoicing and payment, we are happy to discuss an arrangement with you.