OH&S Policy & Procedure Manuals
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What is included

Site Audit    Consultative visit to review OH&S requirements
Manual Customised for your business
Induction Kit Used to induct new employees on OH&S matters
OH&S Templates Used to document OH&S issues, conduct audits, or meet legislative reporting requirements
Site Safety Checklist Confirms safety requirements and safe work practices ranging from induction checklists to registers of dangerous goods to records of fire and evacuation drills
OHS Representative Handbook To assist the site health and safety committee in conducting meetings, managing responsibilities and conducting audits
Accident & Incident Register Establishment of a register of injuries and First Aid treatment

Unique Features

Flow Charts Provides a simple visual guideline for dealing with OH&S matters
Single form for reporting One form for all OH&S issues, whether it is an accident, hazard or OH&S grievance
Instructions Each document comes with processing and filing instructions