HR Policy & Procedure Manual
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What is included

Manual   Covering approximately 33 policies customised for your business.
Employee Handbook   To be given to staff during induction (also a great reintroduction for existing staff).  
Job Description  Includes a template for completion by staff and managers with examples and explanations for guiding you through the creation of job descriptions. 
Induction Checklist  With tick-boxes and sign-off sheets for managers and the new employee.
Probation Review Form Essential template for all employees hired with a probationary period. 
Employee Counselling Form To help managers facilitate counselling and performance improvement discussions.
Performance Appraisal forms
Complementary employee and manager appraisal forms to facilitate a performance discussion.
National Workplace Relations System Created by the Fair Work Act 2009.  An explanation of the system including Enterprise Agreements, Union Entry Rights, Modern Awards and National Employment Standards


Human Resources Management System

Human Resources Management

Relevant Legislation and Awards


Section A – Commencing Employment

A.1. Recruitment and Selection Policy

A.2. Induction Policy

A.3. Probation Policy

A.4 Position Descriptions Guidelines


Section B – Employment Conditions and Benefits

B.1. Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Policy

B.2. Harassment and Bullying Policy

B.3. Issues and Disputes Policy

B.4. Expense Approval and Travel Policy

B.5. Remuneration Policy

B.6 Hours of Work Policy


Section C – Health and Safety

C.1. Health and Safety Policy

C.2. Return to Work and Occupational Rehabilitation Policy

C.3. Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs Policy

C.4. Office Safety Policy


Section D – Leave Provisions

D.1. Annual Leave Policy

D.2. Long Service Leave Policy

D.3. Parental Leave Policy

D.4. Personal Leave Policy

D.5. Community Service Leave Policy


Section E – Employee Development

E.1. Performance Management Policy

E.2. Performance Improvement Policy

E.3. Training and Development Policy


Section F – Employment Standards

F.1. Code of Conduct Policy

F.2. Company Property Policy

F.3. Dress Standards Policy

F.4. Electronic Systems Usage and Communication Policy

F.5. Privacy Policy

F.6. Social Media


Section G – Concluding Employment

G.1. Employee Departures Policy

G.2. Redundancy and Retrenchment Policy

G.3. Employee Dismissal Policy