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Occupational Health and Safety Legislation now requires businesses (regardless of their size) to have OH&S Management Systems in place which, amongst other things, must:

Identify all hazards in the workplace
Assess the risks arising from those hazards
Implement measures to eliminate or control those risks
Provide instruction, training and supervision for employees
Consult with employees on matters which affect their health, safety & welfare

Ongoing legislative changes and regular monitoring and review of your responsibilities require time and effort. More often than not, business owners and managers either don’t know where to start, or simply do not have the time to dedicate to this important area.

At Shave Human Resources, we provide a practical approach to OH&S compliance, ensuring minimum standards are met and required documentation, systems and processes are put in place. For those organisations seeking a best practice approach to OH&S, our consultants have the knowledge, experience and diverse industry knowledge to help you achieve this goal with practical and innovative OH&S solutions.